Folding Utility Shelf No.3

One interior mod we've used the most is the folding utility table mounted on the rear door. This being the third, I thought it'd be pretty straightforward, borrowing from the Gen3's use of an off-the-shelf 1"X12"X24" plank (this one being pine) and the hardware approach from the H3. As we both know, nothing is pretty straightforward when you think it's going to be. 

The stock plank was sanded and shot with Minwax PolyShade in the oak finish. Six or seven coats, I lost count.

I added the same type of stainless marine hinges used in the H3 (had another pair knocking around for some reason), and started using stainless hardware to mount to the door through the trim plastic and to sheet metal beneath. I drilled pilot holes and set the hardware, snapping the head off one of them. At the risk of Swiss-cheesing the rear door facia, I decided to live with it.

Locating the shelf on this door was a compromise at best. I didn't want to obstruct the tool kit locker that I'm planning on repurposing as a kitchen utensil locker, I wanted to have a short reach to the sheet metal for the hinges, ending up with this spot, about three inches too low for me.

I repurposed two of the security blind holders from the cargo area to have them do double duty on the shelf; one to secure the paracord that suspends the table and the other to secure to the elastic retainers that keep the table closed.

The supports need the ability to be disconnected to access the tool kit, at least on the one side, so I used a pair of Nite-Ize s-clips that hook on to small d-rings, picture hanging hardware. The knot is of my own invention. There's a do-over in the works.

Stowed, the table's backside is home to the MOLLE panel from the H3 which holds the First Aid and trauma gear as well as the WebDominators that attach the panel to the security blind holders, keeping it all snug and rattle-free.


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