Interior Mods Part One

Most of the build hours so far have been dedicated to the interior, not a bad mid-winter project to do, especially without a garage. Many of the existing interior issues have been solved, from replacing instrumentation cluster lamps to installing LEDs in all the interior lighting fixtures, making a remarkable difference. Still to solve is a wiring work-around on the driver power seat - its only functions are seat tilt forward and seat height adjustments. The gremlin is in the switch so I'll trace the 12V power routing to the appropriate motors and add toggle switches to by-pass the factory switch. UPDATE: I've disassembled the switch and thoroughly cleaned all the inner switch contacts with electrical cleaner solvent and the switch works fine now. 

If you follow us on Cornering Consciousness you know that we journey with two Goldens, Ginger and Maryann. Other than these two, we're empty nesters, so as we've done in the Gen3 and the H3, the middle seat has been eliminated and I installed a dog deck.
This quick mod makes traveling with these two so much more pleasant, easy to clean, and more comfortable for them. It also opens up a lot more room for gear, not to mention lightening the GVW by 140 pounds or so with the elimination of the jump seats as well.
I have two 41"x28" Safari Straps cargo nets from the H3 build that are now secured to seatbelt anchors, OS handles and installed D-rings creating a barrier between the cargo area and the dog deck, well as a ceiling net to hold the BOB and other lightweight gear and jackets. Keeps things up and out of the dog hairicane.
 The 2.5 cargo area lacks the tub used to house the third row seat in the Gen3 or the cubbies in the back of the H3, but the space here is cavernous by comparison.
There's ample room for a drawer system and fridge/freezer, so for the time being the extra kit for our trips is stowed in pouches and packs pilfered from the H3 build.
One of many changes in this build approach is the axe in the back. Both of the previous 3s had 28" chopping axes mounted to the rear door or interior panel. This from the Gen3,
...and this from the H3.
While they looked cool and served as a great door handle, I used the big axe in the Gen3 only a couple of times in our travels and even then a smaller tool would have sufficed, like this one.
It's a Camillus Camtrax 3-in-1 hatchet with a folding saw blade and a hammer head opposite the blade.
Also making the migration from the H3 is the MOLLE panel with a First Aid and trauma pouch. I'm building a fold-down utility table that this MOLLE panel will eventually mount to.


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