Hi-Lift Mount

Necessity being the mother that it is, the Hi-Lift Jack had to go somewhere else other than on the Franklin rack. I think it soiled itself when I lifted it up for a test fit. The next more likely spot was on the brush guard.

I drilled a hole through the cross members of two u-bolts, 5/16ths, stainless, through which I inserted the bolt and mounted the assembly to the crossbar of the brush guard. I then slipped a QuickFist clamp on each bolt, fitted the Hi-Lift jack and cinched it down with stainless wing nuts. I added a strap to keep the jack handle from vibrating.


  1. I am highly interested on the fact that you have what appears to be a JAOS front bar. Is that correct?

  2. This WAAG bar came with the rig when I bought it. I've seen several identical to it with different branding, but I can't say it's the same as JAOS.


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