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1998 Mitsubishi Montero Winter Package

I bought this 2.5 with 121,234 miles on the odo. It had been sitting in the Southern Utah sun for at least two summers. The car came from City of Industry, California and was bought by the PO in St. George, Utah in 2004. So, no rust issues. It appears to have never left pavement.

The seller indicated that he bought the Monty from a shop eight months previous where the PO had them replace the timing belt, TB tensioner, valve stem guides, water pump, all related gaskets, hoses and belts. The PO then couldn’t pay the bill, so the shop liquidated the Monty after it sat there for several months. All the work appears legit upon inspection, lots of new parts under the hood, but I’d sure feel better with a piece of paper in my hand from the shop telling me so.

The interior needs a handful of tiny instrument panel lights, the power driver’s seat only moves vertically, the front Infinity speakers are finite, but outside of that it’s cherry. I was surprised to find that the middle row seats wor…