06/25/2018  Replaced Thermostat and Seal

05/29/2018  Replaced front rotors and pads, repack bearings.  153,350

04/16/2018  Oil change, synthetic, front brakes pads replaced. 152,341

03/15/2017  Radiator Flush  125,659

02/24/2017  Replaced all interior lamps with LEDs, replaced all cluster lamps and compass incandescents.

02/17/2017  122,705  Parts and labor: $1,530.88
                    Replaced Front Wheel Bearings and Seals, both sides
                    Replaced Lower Ball Joints, both sides
                    Replaced Upper Control Arms, both sides

02/15/2017  Replaced Front L/R Speakers with Pioneer TS-676M $49.97

02/11/2017  Rear Differential Service  121,176  $207.01
                    Front Differential Service
                    Transfer Case Service

02/10/2017  New Spare Pathfinder 32X11.5R15 $151.66

02/07/2017  Tires Pathfinder 32X11.5R15 121,268  603.82

02/07/2017  Oil Change Castrol GTX  121,234   $56.42
                    Safety Inspection


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